Thursday, January 12, 2017

Created to be Interdependent :)

As we Americans walk in fear and panic of changes in our ability to receive healthcare, here is a nation that is filled NOW with limited access to any medical services. Babies in the U.S. that are born with cleft lip, cleft palate are immediately provided surgery to correct. Small tumors that are found are immediately excised, children and adults with burns are healed through fabulous burn centers, people in kidney failure automatically receive free dialysis, emergency care is given and one is never turned away, all woman receive medical care to deliver their babies.......yet, in West Africa, this is not the case. They are left untreated, in pain, ostracized, malnourished and die. If they do not have the money upfront to receive medical care, they are turned away. 
This breaks my heart! I recognize that we do not have a perfect world, a perfect healthcare system or a perfect political system, BUT, we ALL have hearts and the ability to have compassion. I pray that we all look at the BIG picture and see the world as a whole on a daily basis. I believe it is appropriate to fight for our rights, share our political opinions and stand for justice, but along with that we have a job to do! We are created to be INTERDEPENDENT. We are created to NEED each other. I help you, you help me, and this goes for everyone. Some need help now and can give later and vice versa. If you are blessed with much, you should give much. Scripture suggests each give the first 10% of their earnings. Imagine a world that everyone gave the first 10% of what they earned to help those in need. 
The world is in an uproar and has been from the beginning. Each one of us enters into it without choice. Some are blessed with great homes, finances, and family and others are not. Others are surrounded by or affected by depression, suicide, anxiety disorders, drug abuse and addictions, physical and emotional abuse, neglect, anger, and violence and outright heartbreak and pain. 
I pray that all people will open their eyes to the unending need of people that need help in this world. I pray that each one will pick their passion and turn their prayers, thoughts, actions, and resources to those in need. 
For me, I chose Mercy Ships! I love their mission! They are an incredible organization, fully funded by donations from people just like you and me. Every person that steps on that ship is transformed, medically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Every Surgery is Free! 
This mission can only happen through the generous help of donors around the world. If you are led to support this amazing mission, we can team up......I will be the feet and perform the nursing care and you can provide the prayer and/or financial support to meet this incredible healthcare need in West Africa. At this point, my current need for this trip is $3000.00. Donations can be received via the following link!

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