Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Becoming One with Humanity

I am praising God today for so many answered prayers...........Simple pleasures :)

First, for safe travels. We had a scare on the Brussels flight with a period of horrific turbulence. Lots of screaming going on and food carts spilling over. The man next to me was standing at the time, he fell to the ground and was then raised up off the floor with the next huge wave of turbulence. Then it was over and we all had time to gain our "lives" back again. The man behind me shared that he surrendered to God at that moment :). It is funny how God shakes up our world sometimes to wake us up. We quickly realize that we are not really in control at all :)

Second, I did get the bottom bunk. Believe me, it would not be a pretty site trying to navigate the skimpy ladder for a middle of the night bathroom run in the dark!

Third, Awesome cabin mate. Her name is Kathy, thus, she must be nice :) She graciously gave me the bottom bunk, even after she was all settled into it herself. I liked her immediately :)

Fourth, Lots of warm welcomes and big hugs from those that I served with in the Congo.

Fifth, Thankful for a "Perfect Fit" for this square peg. I LOVE being here!!! All those wonderful memories came flooding back to me. I finally feel a sense of DIRECTION & PURPOSE for my life. I  can use my skills, passions, and wisdom to create PEACE among the nations.

Ephesians 2:14 shares....."For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility"........

As a representative of Jesus, we draw others to HIM, His Peace :)......One by one, others are drawn to him.

Our Orthopedic Surgeon was Busy :) Now, we have these cuties at the Hope Center for rehab and therapy. 
Settling in...................
After 30+ hours of travel, I was able to crawl into bed around midnight on Sunday. My day started at 7:45am on Monday morning. I made it through the day with a foggy brain and was blessed to have Monday off to sleep, regroup and chill before working the next five days. 
This is PEACE :)

Surgeons., Anesthetists and OR Nurses coming together from all around the world to share their skills 

I look at these smiles and Praise God for Mercy Ships. More then likely this child would have spent the rest of her life with her deformity.

Dental Team at Work

Eye Team - Cataract Removal. These patients have been blind from cataracts for years. By offering the free surgeries they can now see :)

I am somewhere along this port. 


You can be part of this incredible mission as well. Please join me in prayer and/or financial support as we journey together being the hands and feet of Jesus. 

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