Saturday, January 28, 2017

Season of New

Do you see the big picture? Do you see what God is doing in the world? Do you see Satan at work? Do you know what God has revealed to us in Revelation? Do you see the world unfolding? Do you know what is going on in Israel? Do you know how today's times line up with the unfolding of scripture and prophecy? Do you know where you are at in this unfolding and what your part may be? 
These are just some of the many questions that I ask myself. I desire to KNOW! I desire to know all the answers. I desire to know that I am playing the part that God has created for me, versus falling into the trap of Satan's web of deception. 
As I pour myself into scripture and constant reflection I am beginning to get a glimpse of Gods revelation unfolding every day. Being on the ship, surrounded by people from all around the world, overhearing many, many languages spoken, learning of the variety of cultural ways of doing has awaken and widen my understanding of the world. 
What I know for sure is that God is at work on this ship. He has gathered us together from many tribes and nations with the common bond of Jesus! We are all here following in HIS steps, being the hands and feet of Jesus. LOVE is at the center! We pray and praise at the start of the shift, in the middle of shift, before procedures, before surgery, upon discharge, and at the end of the shift. A circle of prayer may consist of many languages.

One of our local day crew utilizes every chance he gets to share the love of Christ with the patients as he said that "God brought all these people to the ship SO THAT they can get to know the LOVE of Christ". This is God at work. He is giving every person a chance to hear HIS word and to come to believe in HIM. 

I think of the Israelites as they journeyed out of Egypt, they were happy, yet fearful as they did not know what lied ahead. I am realizing that I am embarking on a new season as well. I have no idea what lies ahead, yet trust in my almighty Creator. I realized how quickly I was becoming enslaved to my old ways and was beginning to spin some of the same webs  that God delivered me from in the past. I am praising God and so happy He opened the door and sent me back out for a "New Season". 

I love this......Send via Email from our Nursing Supervisor

We want the ward to be a place where:
ð     God is glorified
ð     A place where God’s Spirit flows and the people display the fruits of His Spirit in us
ð     The impossible happens every day and we come to know more of what he means when God said we will see abundantly more than we ask or imagine!
ð     People who carry His fragrance and will stink the place out!
ð     God is at work in us and through us – making us more like Him and showing His precious children a glimpse of how much He loves them!
ð     Forgiveness, grace and mercy abound!
ð     The enemy flees – he has no place there
ð     Our hearts will be skipping for JOY with the privilege of being called to work in such a place!
ð     We seek God’s face in all we do

We’re looking for passionate lovers of Christ to join the team… thank you for taking the time to ask God what He is calling you into for 2017/2018!

We, Prayer Warriors and 
Financial Supporters are so Blessed to be part of this team!!! 

Few glimpses of Ship Life, Benin, Nursing, and Smiling Patients :) Even though I cannot speak all these different tribal languages, my smile gets me a long way :)

Sandra from Scotland..........Cecily from Hawaii........Lauren from New Zealand

Besides the hospital, this is my favorite place on the  ship!! I love being surrounded by all this wisdom!!

Such a Blessing to come to work and share HIS Love openly!!

Steps and more Steps........Down to the basement I go!! It looks worse than it is :). 

My room :)

Blessed with a new friend from New Zealand......Lauren :)
She loves to talk as much as me :)

Another favorite Place, Deck 8......When you live with 400+ people one has to find  some space alone :)

This seems to be a really busy port. It is interesting to see the ships coming and going

I will one day master these steps without having to hold on :)

Chilling at lunch time looking out the porthole

Actually a quiet day on the roads.....Typically these roads are filled with motorbikes and absolute chaos! 
 God is at work!!! I love all the smiles!!

Behind every face is a STORY of Hope and Healing........
Truly a "New Season" of Life for each patient

You can be part of this incredible mission as well. Please join me in prayer and/or financial support as we journey together being the hands and feet of Jesus.

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