Sunday, February 12, 2017

Who are they?

Who are they................

They are people just like you and I.......their hearts are filled with all the same, hate, mercy, forgiveness, joy, anger, sadness, frustration......Their blood runs the same, their bodies function the same, they have children, they have families..........Yet, they were born in a different world. They were born into a third world country with abject poverty. Their opportunities and resources are limited, often not even available. “Resilience” seems to be engraved in them. Many
are “stoic” by nature. 

Mixed in is layers of wealth, often layered by greed and corruption. 

Village Life..........One is never alone........All rely on each other for daily life and survival

Though they are not blessed with all the amenities of technology, I witness so much LIFE! Children laughing, playing and running around.....singing, dancing and worship are all part of the village gatherings.

No food is wasted. There is always a belly to feed, either your families or your neighbors  
This awesome boy was burned in a fire years ago. Our plastic surgeon released many of his contractors. I was blessed to care for him! By the time he reached the Ward I work on, he was up, playing, and having fun with the other children. 

This little one makes me smile every time I walk onto the "A" Ward.  He is smart, funny and likes to repeat every word we say :)

The King of Abdomey's Wives :) I will post more on the King Later. 

Screening Day for the Ladies with Goiters. Dr. Collins is our General Surgeon that has arrived to perform the  thyroidectomy surgeries. 

I smile as I know that this little guy would have died at a  young age due to his deformity from birth. He now  has LIFE!!!

Means of earning money for food for "today". Very little savings can occur. Each days profits go for meeting the needs for today. 

Stopping for lunch!

Stilt village......All the homes are on stilts. More later after I visit this village.

Church in the city.......Sharing the HOPE and LOVE of Christ  

Gas Station......From my understanding the gas is brought in from Nigeria and sold at road side stands. 

This is gas not bottles of beer :)

In the city, most can afford a motorbike for transportation and for a daily income.  

Does God see? ....Absolutely, God sees the whole Big picture. He sees the hearts of humanity driven by a mixture of emotions. 

God weeps as well. HE sees the world that HE created as a living paradise. HE weeps at what it has become since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. 

Throughout scripture, as told through the prophets, HE has given us hope for a world of paradise in the future. Until then, we are to help carry the burdens of each other. 

Galatians 6:2  (NIV)
Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

As a “human” this is our reality, our responsibility. We have “work” to do now. Our Joy and Abundance will come in the future paradise that God has promised to all who believe in HIM. 

For now, we are to help carry each others burdens. We are to walk along side each other with love, grace, mercy, kindness, joy, peace, forgiveness, and faithfulness. 

As believers in Christ, we are given the Holy Spirit to help us help others. Thus, I am determined to learn and understand the hearts of others through the wisdom of God’s Holy Word. He has given us so many stories and parables to teach us how to LOVE and help carry one another’s burdens. 

In addition, we learn from each other. I’ve been blessed thus far to have  many conversations with the local people of Benin, I ask about their joys, families, ways of life, culture, challenges and hope. I sum up with a quote from a local yesterday........

”Our hope comes from believing that tomorrow will be a better day”

Loss of hope is reduced when we LOVE and carry each others burdens. One day we will be in Paradise!!!


You can be part of this incredible mission as well. Please join me in prayer and/or financial support as we journey together carrying each others burdens in Benin.


  1. So proud of the work you are doing. It helps to hear about the daily struggles of these people to truly appreciate what we take for granted. God bless you for using your gifts to serve in Christ's name. You are a blessing to these people!
    Still enjoying Pegasus. Though the horses seem to get muddier every week! Diane helped me hose down Gyllin. He had huge mud balls hanging from his hooves. I've never seen that before and I knew I didn't have any tools in my bucket to remedy the situation.
    You are in my prayers daily. Mickie

  2. :) Thanks for your support Mickie!!! Thanks for sharing about Pegasus! I I can only imagine how dirty the horses are at this time of year. I am truly missing the Wednesday night group! If only I could be in both places at one time :). Enjoy and be careful on the icey paths :)